Coco Hotel is a part of Copenhagen Food Collective

Since 2004, Copenhagen Food Collective has been instrumental in shaping the restaurant scene in Copenhagen. Offering high quality food experiences to affordable prices in a way that locals could understand and relate to, was a game changer back then, and the first restaurant of the group, “Restaurant Cofoco” quickly became the place to go for dinner with friends, family, on dates or out with associates.

Because of the overwhelming positive response and loyalty over the years, Copenhagen Food Collective has grown from one restaurant in 2004, to 18 restaurants in Copenhagen today, offering a wide variety of food experiences, taking inspiration from all over the world. Some of the restaurants are award-winning, all of them unique and spectacular in their own way, and we can almost guarantee that there is a restaurant that fits your cravings.

We recommend that you book your table in advance, either through our reception or the restaurant's website.

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Our friends get benefits!

When booking your stay directly with us you become a Friend of Coco. As our friend you will be taken extra good care of when visiting the restaurants of Copenhagen Food Collective, and get a discount of 15% for up to eight guests on the entire bill, while staying with us. The restaurants are popular and often booked weeks in advance, but as a Friend of Coco you will be first in line for the next available table.

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