Dear guests,

We would like to assure you that we follow the development of the corona virus closely and comply with all guidelines from the Danish government. Our primary focus is to make sure that you, as our current and future guests, can feel safe and well taken care of at Coco Hotel. We take all necessary precautions to maintain a clean and safe environment in the hotel - both in the rooms and in all public areas.

Authorities: We comply with all health and safety regulations prepared by the Danish government, local health authorities and the WHO.

Hand hygiene: The most essential method to prevent spreading of the corona virus is to make sure you have clean hands. All guests have access to hand sanitiser in public areas and toilets and we have introduced rules for staff regarding how they wash their hands thoroughly and use hand alcohol continuously.

Cleaning: We operate under comprehensive cleaning protocols among other things using disinfectants extensively in all rooms and public areas.

Staff: All staff have been instructed in proper hand hygiene and have received information on how to handle guests in the most considerate and safe manner. Furthermore, all staff have received and will continue to receive instructions on how to act if a person becomes ill at the hotel, to ensure that no guests or staff are at risk of becoming infected, whether it is the common cold, flu or coronavirus.

Public areas: Guests and visitors are welcome to use the café and public areas of the hotel, but extended security measures apply. We encourage all guests to sanitise their hands on arrival and have set up our café and courtyard with safe distance between tables. The staff wipe down tables after each guest's departure as well as all contact surfaces. Staff are also instructed to ensure that all guests comply with the applicable guidelines for safe stays in cafés and other public areas.

Rooms: All bedrooms undergo extensive disinfection cleaning and staff are instructed to take extra precautions.

We assure you that we do everything we can for your safety and well-being.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Coco Hotel