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If you would love some room decore and interior design inspiration then is the place to go on Instagram.

And if you want dinner inspiration and discover and get lost in a gastronomic universe that stretches from Asian, Nordic, Latin American, French and Italian then @cofocodk is the right Instagram account to follow.

For the pizza lovers we have a very special place for you. It's urban, it's direct, it's authentic - it's @corsapizza

Does your heart beat for ceviches, anticuchos, Uruguayan style meats, tacos, and a list of South American spirits? Then @llamarestaurant is without a doubt the account to follow. Trust us, it's gonna add color and festivities to your feed and your tastebuds.


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Cofoco has a main page and you can always go discover pages of every restaurant in the Cofoco family with each there own Facebook pages.

And of course Coco Hotel & Café and Coco Café has their Facebook pages if you need to find information or get in touch.

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