Politiken's food critic made their way to Coco Bar à Vin recently, and gave our wine bar four out of six hearts. Among other things, they said (translated from Danish):

"A seriously beautiful place with soft lighting, comfy sofas and chairs, polished marble tables and a green patio so cosy it made us want to sit under the open sky, even here in deadly wet January. This summer, that courtyard could be the coolest place in town."

"There was something for everyone here, whether you like tannin-heavy Barolo or peachy-sweet orange wine from Georgia, and my partner and I quickly agreed that we were sitting with one of the capital's best-curated glass list between our hands."

"Best of all were the rows of millimetre-thin slices of air-dried prime rib from Galician free-range dairy cows. Deep, deep, deeep flavor and with a fat edge that melted in your mouth and covered your taste buds with the most delicious wax you can imagine. Meat on steroids - no injections."

Thank you so much to Politiken for the visit!