Get ready for the second edition of Coco's Picks! One special night each month where we invite you to co-create the musical backdrop together with the DJs of the evening.

Last month we introduced a brand new concept to Coco Bar à Vin, in collaboration with FFS Booking curated by Tia Turn Tables, called Coco's Picks. The idea was born from a desire to create a unique and personal musical space between our guests and talented vinyl DJs.

Repeating last month's succes, Tia Turn Tables and G.HO will bring a curated selection of vinyls in genres ranging from jazz over eternal classics to afro funk that guests can pick from. Look out for the designated vinyl crate, and take your pick!

Coco's Picks - October Edition will take place on Friday October 27th from 18.00-22.00, and we recommend that you book your seat in advance.

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