Time has come for the annual Copenhagen Pride to color the streets in rainbows! Saturday August 20th the big Pride Parade will pass Coco Hotel with its many colorful wagons and joyous people dancing and celebrating love.

To show our support for this important event, Coco Hotel will take part in the celebration from morning till late afternoon, where we will be serving food and drinks to stay or to-go. For anyone who wants to experience the pride front-row, we encourage you to stop by and have a drink or two with us. We expect a festive day and are looking forward to sharing it with all of you.

To mark the beginning of Pride Week today, we have raised the Ally flag to adorn our street facade and contribute to bringing awareness to Copenhagen Pride 2022.

For more information on Copenhagen Pride, please see https://www.copenhagenpride.dk. We encourage you to check out the many talks, happenings and events taking place around Copenhagen this week from 13th - 21st of August.