This weekend we threw a small "Fastelavn" celebration in our yard for guests and friends of the house. It was a delight to see all the children in their costumes having a good time. Thank you to everyone who participated! We are already looking forward to next year.

For our non-Danish followers, Fastelavn is a Danish version of a Carnival. It takes place seven weeks prior to Easter and, while not a public holiday, is widely celebrated throughout Denmark. Among other traditions at Fastelavn such as dressing up in costumes and eating Fastelavnsboller, "Slå katten af tønden" - or "Beat the cat off the barrel" is a festive tradition for kids and families. And there are fun prizes to win; The “Queen of Cats” earn their title by being the first to break the bottom of the barrel, allowing the candy inside the barrel to spill out. The “King of Cats” is the person who breaks off the last board of the barrel. At the end of the game, all participaters share the candy from the barrel.