Event: Wednesday May 4th, 19.30-22.00 in Café Coco.

Martin Skovbjerg is back with another epic Sit Down & Listen session!

Not only will Martin Skovbjerg share his summer tunes with us on a friday, but this time the event is taking place in Coco Hotel's green, intimate courtyard. The theme is PIAK FRIDAY, inspired by the evenings signature wine: PIAK! Rosé. Fruitful, fresh and one of a kind!⁠

As always, Martin will guide you through a handpicked set list composed of thematic and electronic music played at a high volume guaranteed to get your attention, maybe even get you off your seat but most importantly, offering you a intimate and unique musical experience shared with others.

You can reserve a table for Sit Down & Listen here, or just show up! It is not possible to reserve a table directly in the courtyard, but book a table inside and write "Sit Down & Listen" in the comment.

Sit Down & Listen is a recurring event every month, so don't feel bad if you miss this one - there is always next month!